Rain is a good thing!

We’re in the middle of a drought.

It is been dry, hot, humid and dusty for weeks now.

We’ve been suffocating under a wet blanket of heat.

The A/C is running non-stop and it’s still not cool, grass is dying, I’m spending a fortune watering plants that are going to die anyway, it’s too hot to cook or do anything constructive really, except swim, eat ice cream, and drink mojitos.

You know it’s bad when you are wishing, no, begging,  for rain.

This afternoon, as we were leaving to go swimming at a friend’s house, we had lots of rain.

Accompanied by thunder, lightning and power outages.

Swimming outing cancelled.  Food in crock pot ruined. All plans for the day had to be reconsidered.

Not quite what I had in mind when I wished for rain.

Once the power came back on, we had a great afternoon indoors: reading,  napping and hanging out, enjoying some much-needed downtime.

Something that’s hard to do when it’s sunny out, and you think you’ve got to go somewhere, or work in the yard.

It was nice to let go of some of the busyness and get some rest.

Walking outside after the rain stopped, everything smelled fresh and clean.  The grass was greener.  No need to water.  It was cooler. Things have a different feel to them after a rainstorm.

It’s the same thing when rain falls into our lives.  When we have those stormy days, when nothing goes right, and things seem dark, depressing and gloomy.

After the rain has passed and a new day dawns, things seem better.  Fresher, cleaner, different perspective.

Although, a rainy day ruined our plans, we had a different day, and it was just as good, although different.

I realized that, although inconvenient and painful at times, rain in our lives can be a good thing.