Enter my brain . . . at your own risk!

Today’s Writing 101 Prompt was to do a stream of consciousness writing exercise for 20 minutes.  I did clean up some typos but otherwise, it is what it is! Don’t judge!
Mondays can be both positive and negative.
Negative because you wake up after a long weekend and say, Ugh, another week of work.
Positive because you feel like it is the start of a brand new week.  It’s all fresh and new.  New Beginning. Another week of planning for the weekend.

Started my rehab challenge today, to recover from foot injury and get back to biking on a regular basis.

God I have missed it so much. I didn’t realize how necessary riding a bike was to my existence until I could not do it.
The physical activity.
The social aspect.
The sheer joy of riding with the wind blowing through your hair and feeling like a kid again.
About the only time as an adult I feel like a kid.  The rest of the time I am dragging myself through life’s responsibilities.  Laundry, dirty dishes, house work, bills, blah, blah, blah.  Don’t be in a hurry to grow up, kids, but if you do, ride a bike!
On a bike none of that mess can keep up with me.
I can outride it and leave it all far far behind!
I am supposed to write for 20 minutes.  20 minutes is a very long time.  I’ve written for 4 minutes and it seems like forever.  LOL
Like the Flylady says, accomplish things 15 minutes at a time.  You think it is not enough time to do anything but it certainly is.
And you think it is going to take you HOURS to unload that dish washer or fold those clothes when in reality it takes about 5 minutes. 
That is not the case here! This writing exercise is taking forever!
This week will be the week of organization and rehab.  Allison is gone to camp for a week.  The house will stay neat, hopefully.  It has looked like a bomb went off since I have spent 30 days incapacitated due to my foot injury.
It’s amazing what a difference 30 days makes.  On May 1, I had just finished a 30 day bike challenge.  Was riding my bike every day and feeling good.  Had gotten over the pinched nerve that had plagued me and ready to get back to all my regular activity again.  Was planning to continue the 30 day challenge into May, so I went riding on the evening of May 1.  One of the few times I have ever ridden alone, because my riding partner went to see Nick Saban instead!  I really wished I had gone to see Nick Saban.  Because instead of screaming, ROLL TIDE ROLL, I wrecked on my bike, got tangled up in a sign and a small drop off and over I went on the Specialized.  On the way down, I heard the POP that would change my life for the next 30-60 days.
Several really nice people ran over to help me and I couldn’t put weight on the foot.  I was so embarrassed.  I felt sick and dazed although I didn’t hit my head.  THANK God I wore my helmet that day, because I don’t always wear it, even though I should.
I had to call the teenager to come pick up her crippled aging mother off the side of the road to take me to the E.R.  Where after 2.5 hours of waiting, I was told I had an avulsion fracture of the talus bone, top of the foot, in my right ankle.  Was put in a soft cast and placed on crutches and sent out the door with orders to see an ortho.  This was my GOOD Foot.
In a way it was a blessing I had had a foot surgery several years ago, because I had an ortho already, and I didn’t have a big learning curve to learn to use the crutches this time.  And I remembered miraculously all the tricks I used the first time, so this second time wasn’t as bad as it could have been, although it was not fun by any means.
When you are the hunter gatherer and chief cook and bottle washer of the household, everything suffers when you are down to one good foot.  And it was my RIGHT foot, the DRIVING foot, which put a whole new spin on things. 
But after visits to the chiropractor, physical therapy a/k/a pain and torture and the massage therapist, I am out of the boot, off the crutches and working my way back to normalcy.
Still moving slow, but moving.  Started back riding my bike, the pink Townie, not the Specialized I wrecked on.  I add a minute each day and hope to get back to my old riding self soon.  I give it another month before I am back to where I was on May 1 but at least I see an end in sight!
Woo hooo 5 more minutes left to write.  Once I started complaining about the foot, the words just flowed from my brain to my fingers!
One thing I did do recently was go see my man crush Dave Matthews.  My BFF Anne-Marie drove my crippled ass to Birmingham to meet up with my sister.  With the help of a handicap permit, premier parking pass and a cane, I was able to crip my way to see my main man.  I was not the dancing machine I usually am, but I did manage a few stellar dance moves.  Ha Ha Ha! 
Good grief, I still have over 3 minutes.  I am running out of things to say, and I didn’t think I would ever say that.
I am looking forward to a better summer, and getting ready for my baby’s Senior Year.  Lots of exciting things coming up for our family and I am excited, and sad, for the changes to come.  Allison worked her butt off and made a really good score on the ACT, which will definitely help her chances of getting into the school of her choice, Auburn University, and hopefully pave the way for a stellar future for my big girl. 
In the meantime, the beach is calling my name and as soon as my foot gets strong enough to walk in the sand, I am there!  I need to get my toes in the sand, and do some serious wave watching!  It is past time.  Now the bathing suit thing might be an issue, but I’ll wear shorts and a t-shirt if I have to.  I am beyond worrying about that.
Hopefully as I get more active, I will drop the pounds I gained after the injury, when all I could do is sit in a chair and snack! 
15 seconds left so I’ll wrap this up with a Goodbye and thanks for reading!