Dreams . . .

Today’s writing prompt is to free write for 15 minutes about 3 songs that are significant to you.  The biggest stressor about this is that you cannot edit, go back, change things or whatever.  What!!!!!  This really bothers the grammar/punctuation/spelling nazi side of me.  but anyway I digress.

It is interesting that the quote from today’s email was this:

Jorge Luis Borges said: “Writing is nothing more than a guided dream.” So, what are you waiting for? Get writing. Fifteen minutes. Go. And then, do it again tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after.”

And two of my life songs are about dreams!

Dream on by Aerosmith

Dreams I’ll never see by Molly Hatchet

The third one is Happy by Pharrell Williams

Sense a theme from the universe here?

I’ve apparently always loved songs about Dreams although I don’t consciously feel I have any.

I’m  a plodder, plodding through each task of each day, trying to dogood, be kind, be the best I can be, but I don’t have any extravagant dreams like of being an astronaut or a princess or flying to the moon or traveling the world.

I’,m pretty content just rocking along, for the most part, barring things like drama, traffic, spilled wine, and other first world problems.

I like the idea of developing a writing habit.  If i could wirte for 15 minutes a day that would be a good thing.  I always think, what would I write about and something always come to mind.

Last time I blogged I went on and on about my foot injury and how if affected my biking.  This time I want to write about the biking itself and how it affects me.  And it does relate to dreams, I promise!

Last night I got to hang out at a potluck dinner with the bike group.  I love this little group of people, and if it were not for biking I probably would have never met them.  At first I didn’t think we had any thing in common but biking.  But after almost 3 years together I have realized a few things.

First cyclists are a very laid back group.

But also adventurous.  Always talking about new places to go, things they’ve seen, trips theyve taken, food we’ve eaten or want to eat.  Food is a big part of our group!

We ride to eat.

I have missed the carmardarie  of this group while i have been recuperating from this injury.  And I almost didn’t go last night because I felt like a 3rd wheel (pun intended) since I hadn’t been riding.

I am so glad I went.  I was warmly welcomed and hugged and loved and talked to.  What more could you ask for.

I don’t think my path would have crossed with this group if it were not for cycling, but I am so glad it didd.

It’s mostly couples but a few singles, from all walks of life, some retired, some not, some with kids at home, some with grown kids.  Some Southerners, some from the North.  We don’t talk, religion or politics, and we are very respectful of our respective football allegiances, which most of us feel VERY strongly about.  Everyone is polite and kind and tolerant of each others strengths , weaknesses and differences.

After all, we are  just a small representation of our country, and really what our society should be more about these days.

I love the Slow Bikers!!!  Very strong sense of community here and love for our communities and our area and all that there is to do here.  Some of us were born here, some of us transplanted here but we all love it just the same.

So back to dreams.  One of my dream’s would be for the world to interact much like the Slow Bikers do.  food, fun, fellowship, fitness.  Respect for each other and our differences.  Always looking for the next ride, adventure, trip,.  Loving the feel of fresh air in our faces and the sense of belonging you feel with your surrounds when you ride.  Smells, good and bad, sounds, good and bad, sights, mostly good.  Grilling vs. road kill.  Birds vs. chainsaws.  Views of the trees, buildings, water, cars, houses,  Everytime we ride, even when we ride the same routes, I experiences something different.


Until I retire and can travel about and do all the things I’ve dreamed of, I can have similar experiences right here at home with the Slow Bikers!!  and I am so thankful!

And I realized I really didn’t talk about the songs, which is probably what I was supposed to do.  LOL