Well, I’ve done it.

Finally entered the world of blogging.

I’ve reached the point in my middle-aged life where those close to me are tired of listening to my ramblings and musings, so it’s time to share with the WORLD!

Who needs Tylenol PM or Ambien, right?

Just come on over here and get some cokes and candy.

A little explanation about the title:

My husband’s cousin, Dan, pilots single engine aircraft.  His wife, Carol,  accompanied him on some of his flights.

Anyone who has ever flown knows that the landing of a plane at an airport is one of the most tricky and difficult parts of flying.

It requires complete concentration.  There are all manner of gadgets to watch and details to monitor and checklists to check.

There’s not a lot of room for chit-chat.

As the story went, while Dan was trying to land their plane safely, Carol had other more important things on her mind.

Such as, were there any cokes and candy at this airport.

Very important stuff according to Carol.

Unfortunately, Dan didn’t see it that way.

So after Dan told us this story, “cokes and candy” became an euphemism for “I’m not paying any attention to the important things you are doing or thinking, but here’s what is important to me.”

And it has become the catchphrase for my marriage.

So, come on over and enjoy the treats!


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